V8-3288 AHD New Upgraded AHD Series

Applications: Pipe inspection, Industrial pipelines, Underground drain / Sewer inspections

Production time: 8days

Package: Carton box

Gross Weight: 40kg

Delivery way: DHL Express, by air or by sea
Products in detail

V8-3288 AHD is a complete inspection system for pipe inspection, industry sewer inspection. It includes 1pcs 40mm self-leveling camera head,1pcs 8inch AHD DVR control box and 1pcs fiberglass cable reel. The power supply is DC 12V.The control box built-in 7000mA battery.

Main Features:

1. Dia.40mm self-leveling camera head

2. 1.3 mega pixel waterproof camera

3. 8inch HD LCD monitor

4. HD DVR 720P AVI Video

6. Dia.9mm/11mm fiberglass cable reel

7.Digital Meter counter function

8.Built in 7000mA li-ion battery inside ,support unit working more than 5 hours

Main Part 1: 40mm self-leveling camera head

Camera head size Φ40 x 60mm for pipe Φ50 to 300mm
AHD module, sensor 1/3" CMOS ,1.3MP pixel                                         

Waterproof and self level image 
Camera head casing material stainless steel 
Detachable with pins type connection to Cable Reel
Field of view 120°,IP68 waterproof
8 pcs high intensity white LED                                                                                                                                      

Main Part 2: DVR control unit

8" industrial color monitor   
Display model 16:9

Menu language 5 languages optional

Control Panel                                                                                               

8inch IPS screen,1280*720 resolution

DVR control box with video,audo recording and photography function                                                                                                   

LED brightness adjustable                                                                                                   

7000mA li-ion battery, support unit working more than 5 hours                                                                         

HD 720P video ,AVI format                                                                     

USB storage device (Stardard 16G)                                                                             

USB wireless keyboard to type words

Main Part 3: Cable reel

Fibreglass push rod cable                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Protected cable connector design 

Cable diameter Φ9.0mm / 11mm     
Cable length from 60m - 150m option 

 Reel size :L70xW28xH84 cm    

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