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Vicam Mechatronics Co., Ltd is located at Shangxue Industrial Park in Shenzhen, South of China. Professional manufacturer of Video inspection Cameras. Main product of Vicam range include portable pipeline video inspection system, industrial and city underground pipe video inspection system, special video inspection cameras and CCTV robots for complex applications an hazardous area rated environment. Over 15 years experiences in design and production, sell overseas. Update the exciting product

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  • Do you have bigger skid for pan tilt camera head?
  • Do you have 1080P Full HD Camera?
  • The camera focus is fixed or adjustable?
  • How to use the test cable?
  • Different Cable Defination
  • How to connect 23/29mm camera to big cable reel
  • Can you add WIFI Function to your product?
  • Keyboard function for Different Model
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