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Dia.50mm Pan Tilt HD Pipe Camera System

Model No. V10-3288PTN-1

Main Specification: 

1. 360 degree rotation camera head, Pan 360°,Tilt 180°     

2. 1/3 CMOS,1.3MP pilex HD camera head, waterproof up to 10 bars                                                                                               

3. 10 inch IPS lcd screen, 1280*720 resolution                                                      

4. DVR control box with audio ,video recording and photography function                                                                                 

5. 60m-~120m  Dia.9/11mm fiberglass copper axis cable , it can make good camera image for long cable .                                                                                                  

6. USB bluetooth keyboard to typewrite the words                                                     

7. Camera video resolution is 720P                                                                                  

8. Built in 8800mA li-ion battery inside ,support uint working more than 6 hours                                                                                                                     

9. Digital meter counter function, error is less than 1% 

Camera head:

* Camera size Ø50mm x 154mm, sensor 1/3" CMOS ,1.3MP pixel
* Waterproof IP68 up to 10 bar
* View range 120°
* Rotation: Pan 360°, Tilt 180°
* lens position automatic reset
* Slip coupling for rotation axle
* 6pcs high light LED lighting adjustable
* Detachable with pins type connection to Cable Reel
* Lens window sapphire glass
AHD DVRcontrol unit:

*10"HD IPS LCD Screen, 1280X720 resolution
* PT camera Joystick
* AHD DVR SYSTEM with recording 720P video, auido and photography function
* USB bluetooth Keyboard real time typewriting                                                        
* Video input jack 3 options(CAM1,CAM2_PT and Video IN)
* Digital meter counter function, display on the screen
* 8800mA rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack
* Battery level indicator
Cable reel:

* Fiberglass push rod cable 
* Cable diameter ø11mm
* Cable length from 60m to 150m optional
* Reel size 70 x 28 x 84cm
Standard skids:

* Big skids: Φ220mm                                                                                                                                                

* Small skids: Φ85mm

Optional roller skids:

* Material: Stainless steel                                                                            

* Six wheels on this skids                                                                                                      

* Min Diameter is 160/200mm                                                                          

* Max Diameter is 370/500mm